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Best Spin Studios In Manhattan

For some travelers, there are few things more frustrating than having their daily workout schedule interrupted. And sometimes, the hotel gym just doesn’t cut it. If you’re a serious cycler or indoor spin enthusiast, don’t fret: There are too many boutique studios and fitness chains around Manhattan to name. To help you have your best workout ever, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite spin studios around Midtown.

Swerve Fitness

With just three locations around Manhattan, including one in Midtown on West 46th, Swerve is perfect for fitness folks who thrive on competition. The class is divided into teams, and everyone works collectively to push each other and come out on top. Of course, you’ll be able to track your individual metrics, but they won’t be broadcast for everyone in the studio to see. The 45-minute class also includes an upper-body workout, and three-pound weights are provided — as are shoes, so there’s no need to pack your own. New to Swerve? Get two classes for $40, to be used within 14 days. A
single ride costs $36.


You’ll only find CYC in New York, Massachusetts and Wisconsin, and there are four studios around Manhattan. Head to the Hell’s Kitchen location for a spin class that’s all about music: There are no competitions here, which is part of the appeal for some riders. Also a 45-minute class with a brief upper-body segment using light hand weights, classes are led by so-called “cycologists” and include complimentary shoe rentals. A single ride costs $22.


Popular with jetsetters because of the brand’s large footprint (you can now find SoulCycle in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.) including nearly two dozen locations in New York City, travelers can choose from two incredibly convenient Midtown locations: Grand Central and Bryant Park. Forget the calories, amps and time: SoulCycle is all about rhythm riding, with light choreography introduced to activate other muscles, including your upper body and abs. Classes last for 45 minutes, and include complimentary shoes. Your first ride in New York City will cost $25, otherwise a single class will set you back $36.


A fast-growing favorite, especially among travelers who have one of these bikes at home, Peloton also appeals to riders with a competitive bent. Climb the leaderboard at the brand’s flagship studio in Chelsea, and choose from a refreshing range of class styles. Classes range from 30 to 60 minutes in duration, and the music ranges from 90s classics to hip hop and EDM. You can try a low-intensity class, high-intensity courses with hills and classes designed to help you with endurance and speed. Your first class will cost $20, and all other single classes cost $32.


You can find Flywheel in major cities all across the U.S., and there are three distinct types of studio cycling classes to choose from: Tempo, Power and Method. The latter is the brand’s signature high-intensity ride with an upper body section, while Power is for riders ready to take their training to the next level. Book a Temp class if you want to focus in the beat. Head to the closest location, NoMad, or Midtown East. Your first class is free, and after that a single class will set you back $36. Shoes will be provided.

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